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Center Stage Performers

CALO BAND, R&B, Latin Rock, Oldies & Soul
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Friday, Saturday & Sunday
6:30 PM - 7:30 PM and 8 PM - 9 PM

A local group, make up a four piece band performing all those great hits, from great times, taking us back to those days.

A local group performing Latin-Rock, R&B, Tex- Mex, Old School, Reggae, Pop and Rock en Espanol a variety of music from smooth and mellow to our favorite hits, they are sure to get you and your friends on the dance floor! Get ready to dance the night away with these guys, and don't forget to bring your 'boogie shoes'!

Music Samples


Saturday at 12:15 PM

It focuses on defenses from all ranges and a multitude of common street attacks. Because, In the end, “It’s not who’s right, but who’s
left that counts” -Ed Parker

American Kenpo is a complete street fighting system that can also be very effective in a tournament setting. It works off of a multiple striking theory that incorporates both circles and lines. Therefore, it is a mixture of soft and hard movements, giving you the ultimate benefit of adapting to any given situation. It focuses on defenses from all ranges and a multitude of common street attacks.

It is a constant flow of motion created to overwhelm any attacker. Kenpo is known for its explosive speed and power. Since it is based on practical application of self-defense techniques, it is designed to work. Regardless of the individual, Kenpo fits you like a suit Kenpo adapts to any body type and situation! The principles and concepts behind the system provide logical decisions based off using “Point Of Origin, Path of Least Resistance, utilizing the three Body Momentum's, Body Alignment. Forward and Reverse Motion” just to name a few.

FRANCESCA JULE, David Cassidy and Barry Manilow Tribute Artist

Saturday at 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM

Francesca Jule is a David Cassidy and Barry Manilow Tribute Artist, and it is her hope to bring a little of the magic of these pop music legends to you!

It was this magic that first inspired Miss Jule as a child. Miss Jule is a classically trained singer and actress, having graduated from the famous American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

She performed the Tribute songs weekly at open mics in Los Angeles for a year and a half, and held a showcase at the famous Pig ‘N Whistle, in Hollywood. She now performs at fairs and festivals all over.

JOKER'S HAND, Rock, Alternative and Pop
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Saturday at 2:15 PM

Joker’s Hand is an American rock band based in Los Angeles. In June of 2018, Joker’s Hand released their debut album entitled “Year Four,” onto all major music platforms.

Joker’s Hand consists of Kevin Kawano (vocals, guitar), Matt Lau (vocals, guitar), Jordan Harari (bass), and Caden Moskowitz (drums).

The band started as a duo, formed by Kevin and Matt during their fourth year in college in Santa Cruz, CA. In June of 2018, they released their debut album entitled “Year Four”.

The album was released along with a number of self-produced music videos. Joker’s Hand relocated to Los Angeles, where they continued playing live shows throughout California.

Caden Moskowitz joined the band in October of 2018, and Jordan Harari joined in January of 2019. The four are currently working on an album to be released in 2019.

If you are looking to book us, please send us an email at jokershandband@gmail.com

Anthony Ray, Country

Saturday, 4:15 PM

Whether your a Country Music fan, or not the songs & music
can relate to a lot of us, so sit back and enjoy!

Anthony Ray is an artist from right here on the Central Coast.

He recently made the switch over from hip hop music, to Country music and is currently working with a talented artist by the name of Dylan Ortega.


Sunday, 4:45 PM

CloudRunners have been writing, producing and performing their music and covers for over 12 years, and have been featured
in various media and radio outlets.

CloudRunners has been the dream of vocalists, guitarists, and brothers, Nickolas James and Christopher Lee, since 2006.

They have been writing, playing, and producing for over 12 years, but had consistently been half the country away from each other for college.

They finally had the opportunity to rejoin their journeys in Los Angeles where they met Peter Thomson (lead guitar), Mike Guynn (bass), and Daniel Gallardo (drums) to make up the rest of CloudRunners.

CLEO MILLENIA, Bilingual Singer

Sunday, 12:45 and 2:45 PM

A singer, songwriter, and musician freshly graduated from high school. She is from the Central Coast, voted Prom Queen for 2018.
Cleo will be performing a few of her songs from her first album that will be released at the end of this year.

She is a singer, song-writer, musician—known for her original song “I Built A Wall”. Cleo Millenia is a native of Santa Maria. She grew up and attended all the local schools, is Prom Queen of Pioneer Valley High School and is now attending Allan Hancock College.

Only she and another peer were chosen to sing at their graduation. She is now double majoring in Law and Music. Cleo is very thankful and says,” My parents taught me to depend on God and to have faith. The storms of life will pass. Through their constant motivational support, I was able to lift my head up and become somebody that my peers would remember.”

Pursuing music, Cleo has performed her original songs and covers in English and Spanish in places like: the California State Fair, Orange County Fair, Riverside Fair, Auburn Fair, local wineries, breweries, our local Farmers Market and has even auditioned for “Americas Got Talent”, “The Voice” and “American Idol.” She just recently performed in “Open Streets” as a community service.

Danny Torres, Ranchera Music Singer

Sunday, 1:45 PM and 4 PM

At 12 years old, Danny has 'years' of experience performing and is quickly becoming a favorite among the locals.

Danny was just 3 when he became fascinated with popular Mexican singer Pedro Fernández.

After watching Fernández sing on TV, Danny started patterning his own voice and singing along with him. Now, ten years later, Danny hasn’t stopped.

Danny, now 12 years old, is already building a reputation — and a fan base — throughout the Central Coast.

The young bilingual artist, who mostly sings mariachi, has performed at parties, contests and other events throughout Santa Barbara County and has brought home several awards for his efforts. On Sunday, he will be among the lineup of performers slated to take the stage.

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