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Fairpark Policies

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All dogs kept by RV Campers
and/or visitors in relationship with a trailer rally or activity held on Fairgrounds property must be penned up when left out of an applicable RV or other vehicle, and must be on a leash when walked by participant. Dogs found on grounds not on a leash and roaming are subject to being picked up by Animal Control Officers.

Except for Dog Shows or guide dogs, dogs will not be allowed in buildings or in arena areas.

No dogs allowed except for guide dogs.

It is the policy of the 37th District Agricultural Association (District) aka "The Santa Barbara County Fair" "Santa Maria Fairpark" that no person who enters District property is allowed to carry or posses a handgun, firearm, knife or other weapon of any kind regardless of whether the person is licensed to carry the weapon, or not.

The only exception to this policy will be Police Officers, Security Guards or other qualified persons who have been given authorization by the District to carry a weapon on the property.

Drone flight is regulated by the FAA under the Code of Federal Regulations, which prohibit flight over people and inside of 5 miles of an airport. In order to protect the safety, security, privacy, and property interests of the 37th District Agricultural Association (37th DAA dba "The Santa Barbara County Fair" "Santa Maria Fairpark"), its employees, agents, contractors, and the public, any operation or use of unmanned aircraft systems, remote or radio controlled model aircraft of all types, shapes, and sizes, or any other similar devices (collectively "Drones") is strictly prohibited on the premises of the 37th DAA or within the 37th DAA's air right, without prior written approval from the 37th DAA. Please be advised that violation of this policy will result in immediate ejection from the premises of the 37th DAA and may subject to violator to a criminal trespass warning, or arrest for those who fail to comply.

Fair / Festival / Car Show SMOKING IS PROHIBITED Within 25 feet of the common commerce areas (Health and Safety Code Section 114371).

Government Buildings SMOKING IS PROHIBITED In all state, county, and city government buildings, as well as within 20 feet from their main exits, entrances, or operable windows, and in any passenger vehicle owned by the state. (Government Code Section 7596-7597).

SMOKING AND TOBACCO PRODUCTS ARE PROHIBITED Within 25 feet of a play, or recreational areas specifically designed for use by children, and within 250 feet of a youth sports event, which includes any practice, game, or related activity at which athletes up to 18 years of age are present. (Health and Safety Code 104495)

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