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Seasonal / Special Event Employment

Part-Time, Temporary, Seasonal Employment

Each year the Santa Maria Fairpark hires 150-200 Part-Time Seasonal Temporary Employees. Below are descriptions of job duties.
  • Must be at least 16 years old with a valid work permit from your school.
  • Must apply in person. Office hours are from 8 AM - 5 PM, Monday - Friday.
  • No phone calls please.
Starting and ending times will vary with job position.
• Hours and salaries vary beginning at $11.00 per hour.
• Must be available to work weekends and holidays.
• Employees must maintain a positive customer service attitude.
• All positions (with the exception of Ticket Seller) require that applicant be at least
16 years of age. If you are under the age of 18 and still in high school, you will be
required to furnish a completed Work Permit before you can begin employment.
You can obtain a work permit from the District Office of the school you are attending.
• No alcohol or drugs. Violation will result in immediate termination. Smoking is
permitted only during employee breaks and away from public viewing.
• All positions may be subject to drug testing and background and sex offender checks upon hire.
Ticket Seller / Admissions Department
Sell admission tickets to event guests, and answer questions from patrons. Cashier is
responsible for verifying change fund, making change accurately, and balancing sales daily.
Must be at least 18 years and have cash handling experience.

Ticket Taker / Admissions Department
Take tickets from guests and greet them as they enter the Fairgrounds, answer questions they
may have. Employees often stand for long periods of time outdoors (rain or shine)
Maintenance Worker / Maintenance Department

Maintain cleanliness of Fairgrounds, empty garbage cans, clean and maintain restrooms, pick
up trash, perform heavy manual labor, shovel manure and other tasks as needed to keep the
fairgrounds clean. Assist in the repair and maintenance of the facility. Additional functions
could include plumbing, painting, carpentry, equipment and electrical repairs, driving water
truck and forklifts, etc. (Driver’s License required for fork lift and water truck).
Assistant Gardener / Maintenance Department

Maintain landscapes, install plants, prepare soil and debris removal. Operate landscape related equipment. Perform irrigation repairs and water plant material via hose or sprinkler system.
Maintain and clean landscape equipment. Perform other landscape related tasks as required.
Clean-up Crew / Maintenance Department
Maintain cleanliness of Fairgrounds during events, empty garbage cans ,pick up trash, clean up arena grand-stands after feature events.
Restroom Crew / Maintenance Worker
Clean and maintain restrooms during event, maintain trash in restrooms.
Lot Attendant / Parking Department
Direct cars to available parking spaces, open and close parking areas, and provide gate control. Employees
often stand for long periods of time outdoors (rain or shine). Parking employees must maintain a positive customer service attitude. Note: Individuals sensitive to dust, car exhaust, heat or cold should not apply.
Event Staff / Security Department
The “Eyes and Ears” of event. Responsible for providing information to Security department
heads in the event an incident develops that requires intervention of law enforcement. Event
Staff is not considered law enforcement of event. To be interactive with Fair Patrons, providing
information and customer service assistance, and to greet as they enter the grounds. To utilize
radio communication to report any emergencies or service required by the cashiers. To be
aware of the illegal entry of alcohol, weapons or any other potentially dangerous items. Also,
to notify a supervisor if a patron is identified as being inebriated. Employees often stand for
long periods of time outdoors or indoors, rain or shine, day or night, including graveyard shifts.

Fillable Employment Application

Part-Time, Temporary Seasonal Employment Application More>


  1. Click on the word "more" above, and fill out the application.
  2. Save the completed application to your device.
  3. Email to: Henry Bobo, Human Resources at
  4. Or, print it out and bring it into the Fairpark Administration Office anytime
    between 8 A.M. and 5 P.M., Monday thru Friday. (office is closed during
    the lunch hour, 12 Noon - 1 P.M.)
  5. When your application has been received via email, you will receive an
    emailed confirmation of receipt.
  6. No phone calls please.
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