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Hailed as one of the most influential and groundbreaking bands in history, Queen has amassed worldwide fame because of their anthemic melodies, soaring guitars, and magical harmonies. Freddie Mercury is undoubtedly possessed one of the most powerful, versatile, and emotionally-connected voices in rock history. Since his passing, few vocalists have been able to parallel his multi-faceted strengths as a vocalist and a performer.

To celebrate the magical sound that Queen brought to the world, The Kings of Queen was formed by veteran vocalist and frontman Emo Alaeddin. His ability to command his voice and the crowd along with the undeniable talent of his three bandmates Matthew Garbacz, Ted Morton, and Lance Turner makes The Kings of Queen the perfect fit for any private or public event across the United States. The band’s vocal and instrumental talent is undeniably world-class and frontman Alaeddin’s look, vocal tone, range, and stage performance is eerily similar to that of the late Freddie Mercury.

Based in Orange County, CA, the fierce foursome are fully equipped to bring such iconic Queen anthems to life such as “We Are the Champions”, “Another One Bites the Dust”, “We Will Rock You”, “Radio Gaga”, “Somebody to Love”, “You’re My Best Friend”, and “This Thing Called Love”. But what truly sets The Kings of Queen apart from the other incredible Queen tribute bands in the market is that they’re the only ones who perform “Bohemian Rhapsody” with all the vocal parts performed live.

The Kings of Queen have performed at such reputable venues as The Cave in Big Bear to the various outdoor festivals held in Big Bear. They’re scheduled for their follow-up tour in Nashville in April 2022 after selling out the venues in their first run back in November 2021. They’re also scheduled to perform in Sacramento, CA, St. George Utah, and Paso Robles over the next couple of months as well as numerous SoCal concerts this summer. The band’s vocal and instrumental talent is undeniably world-class and frontman Alaeddin’s look, vocal tone, range, and stage performance is eerily similar to that of the late Freddie Mercury.

The concert takes the stage at 7:30 PM July 13th.


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Dean Simmons now celebrates 24 years of giving audiences across the country a live Garth Brooks experience that is performed with respect and amazing accuracy. His shows are a real sincere tribute Garth Brooks - the man and his music.

After extensive study of Garth’s music, concert footage and music videos, not only could he mimic Garth’s music, but he was also able to emulate his mannerisms; the walk, the talk, the laugh, and most importantly, the ability to engage, connect with and thoroughly entertain an audience.

Dean began his career as a Garth Brooks tribute artist in 1994. In ‘96, producer John Stuart discovered and hired him to perform in the world famous "Legends in Concert" in Las Vegas, Myrtle Beach, Atlantic City, and several tours and one-night performances throughout the USA and Canada. Dean is still the only "Garth" on Legends' roster and still performs in many of the Legends shows.

Dean's wife Kim also does a remarkable tribute to Shania Twain called Shades of Shania, which packages very nicely with the Garth Guy show.

Kim performs a variety of styles of music and has performed with such greats as The Beach Boys, Jimmy Buffett's Coral Reefers and even Jerry Springer! Her experience ranges from writing and performing original scores for motion pictures, television, voice-overs for radio to producing and booking her own shows.

In Kim's latest endeavor, she transforms herself into country music superstar Shania Twain with her tribute act, "Shades of Shania." She captures the look, sound and overall persona of Shania as she delivers a collection of the star's biggest hits.

These concerts take the stage starting at 7:30 PM July 14th.


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Journey Revisited dedicates themselves to replicating the sound of classic Journey through their spectacular live performances. These exceptional musicians cover all of the fan favorites from Don’t Stop Believin’ and Wheel in the Sky to Any Way You Want It, Lights and many more — and they do it without pre-recorded backing tracks or digital vocal enhancements. Journey Revisited delivers the organic live sound of the album-oriented rock era, just the way you remember it. With two lead vocalists, Frank House and Kevin Jachetta bring the classic Steve Perry- Gregg Rolie sound with their authentic re-creation of Journey’s distinctive vocals. Journey Revisited is on point in recreating that classic Journey sound.

Leppard Revisited started from a side project of veteran tribute musicians that has evolved into a stellar tribute to the music of Def Leppard. Def Leppard Revisited endeavors to recreate that classic Def Leppard sound that fans revere. Much like the band they pay tribute to, Def Leppard Revisited brings decades of musical experience to do justice to one of the best-selling groups in the world. The group has nailed down hard-rocking anthems like “Photograph” and “Pour Some Sugar on Me" that will get fans throwing those rock horns in the air.

These concerts take the stage starting at 7:30 PM July 15th.


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Born and raised in Nashville, TN, Chad began entertaining at a very young age and immediately after high school began working at a recording studio on Music Row learning recording engineering and record production, He was soon discovered by local music publishers who signed him to a publishing deal as a country songwriter where he wrote and recorded his own songs. After many years in the recording industry he soon left Nashville for the bright lights of Las Vegas where he found himself paying tribute to hi heroes in production shows on the Vegas strip.

With the award winning band, Left Of Centre, from the Las Vegas Strip. The show has been the feature act at multiple Harrah’s Casinos as well as other Casinos, Fairs, Festivals and Corporate Events all over the country.

Keith is from Phoenix, AZ and has been performing as Kenny for over five years. People everywhere he went kept telling him, you look just like Kenny Chesney. He has been featured on multiple News channels, Social Media blogs, and Radio Station remotes. Keith brings that fun personality that really connects with the crowds and makes people want to hang out with him after the shows. Keith as Kenny is as good as it gets to the true Kenny Chesney experience.

These concerts take the stage starting at 7:30 PM July 16th.
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